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Peter Constable < petercon at> scripsit:

>> The
>> sub-dialects have enough in common to have a fall-back on "-rozaj-"
>> making
>> sense. Falling back on "sl-" is far less unproblematic, because of the
>> considerable difficulties in mutual understanding the speakers of
>> standard
>> Slovene and Resian have. They really have to learn each other's
>> languages.

> If you know of documentation on that, I suspect the Ethnologue Editor
> would be interested to discuss it with you.

Actually I filled out the Ethnologue "Language Update Questionnaire" (funny, the 
form is not in HTML anymore, they now offer a printable version of it) and sent 
the same information as e-mail to the Ethnologue Editor some weeks ago, but I 
have not received any reaction yet.

> If you think that may be appropriate, it might be beneficial for you to
> start discussing the dialectology issues with the Ethnologue Editor. The
> 15th edn will be published next year, and any revisions would have to be
> settled very soon. I don't know what their timetable is exactly, but
> there may still be a window to make changes in the 15th edn. What is in
> the 15th edition will be used in drafts of ISO 639-3.

Thank you for this information. I will contact the Ethnologue Editor once again.


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