sl-rozaj: language-dialect-subdialect strings

Francois Yergeau FYergeau at
Wed Oct 15 11:37:45 CEST 2003

John Clews wrote:
> I'd agree with both Han and Peter that strings other than 4-letters
> be used (as ISO 15924 strings are likely to be 4-character strings).

Yes, let's avoid 4-letter tags.

> The default use of eng, deu, etc will use the standardised
> orthography as default, and the same should also apply to sl-rozaj.

Not in a query, such as in the HTTP Accept-Language header.  Putting "en"
(not "eng") there means "I want any kind of English", not "I want standard
English", which many will say does not exist anyway.

This query use of tags is widespread and, IMHO, as important as the
descriptive use where one tags a known text.

François Yergeau

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