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> In fact, the four best studied and numerically best represented sub-
> dialects of Resian differ on the phonological, morphological and 
> lexicological levels

OK, so it's clear we're talking about *sub-*dialects.

> Remarks:
> This set of tags will be used in two TEI applications, a text corpus
> an orthographical dictionary.

Could you elaborate just a little bit more on how they'll be used in
these contexts? In the corpus, you want to be able to identify the
sub-dialectal variety of a text? In the dictionary...?

> The orthography tag follows the practice for German (de-1902), because
> reference to a year of introduction seems more neutral than reference
to a 
> title or author of a publication.

I think year is an appropriate way to do this, for the reasons you cite.
But is there some orthographic variety that this contrasts with? Is the
situation one in which texts conform to this 1994 spelling, or else they
exhibit a variety of spellings, with no other documented comprehensive
spelling conventions?

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