Ambiguity (Announcing draft-langtags-phillips-davis-00.txt)

Mark Davis mark.davis at
Mon Nov 17 18:23:41 CET 2003

For 3066, that one doesn't matter, since there is a 2-letter code (jv) that is
used in preference.

We are going by the table in for the deprecated codes.
Note: I see the code "sh" which is marked as Deprecated, but not as [withdrawn],
that needs to be added to the list in 3066bis.

(We have a Serbian in our group who remarked recently that he is becoming
remarkably multilingual. He used to be fluent in English and Serbo-croatian;
suddenly he became fluent in 3 languages: English, Serbian, and Croatian; and it
appears that he will very shortly become fluent in 4 languages: English,
Serbian, Croatian, and Montenegrin! From 2 to 4 languages with no effort on his
part -- that's progress.)

► शिष्यादिच्छेत्पराजयम् ◄

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> Peter Edberg <pedberg at apple dot com> wrote:
> >> No assigned ISO 639 code has changed since 1989, long before the
> >> current Internet usage of language codes made stability a much more
> >> important issue...
> >
> > No assigned 2-letter ISO 639 codes have changed since 1989. But wasn't
> > 'jaw' (for Javanese) deprecated in 2001?
> Oops, you're right.  I missed that one.  I guess there's a bigger
> instability problem than I thought.
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