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Martin Duerst duerst at
Sat May 31 18:49:28 CEST 2003

Hello Marion,

IANA won't ask your question. They are just the record keeper,
they don't make any decisions.

If you have a need for identifying a particular kind of language,
then what you do is that you submit a registration proposal.
Others will then comment on that proposal. If you don't have
an actual need for tagging, then you your question is irrelevant
for this list. If you don't make a registration proposal, then
you question is again irrelevant for this list.

Regards,  Martin.

At 18:52 03/05/31 +0100, Marion Gunn wrote:
>Dear "IANA" <iana at>, we wish to ask whether the following is a
>legitimate question for your registry, which people here believe it is:
> >What, then, is the code for the English of 'Northern Ireland'?
> >(GB+NI=UK.)
>Since Ulster, as "IANA" <iana at> knows, is divided by an
>international border, is the logical reply 'encode Ulster English
>separately for each side of the border'? Is Basque separately 'lang-tagged'
>for ES and FR?
>We ask, because we do not know, and if you do not know either, that is
>okay, and we wish you well in bringing all queries to harmonious
>conclusions, if possible.
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