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Fri May 30 18:24:30 CEST 2003

John Clews wrote on 05/30/2003 03:58:46 PM:

> The use of -us, -en, -au subtags (before -oed) would appear to
> indicate that this relates to written language, and not do a spoken
> form.

Not a priori.

> spinoffs), while en-oed or en-oxford would relate to a spoken form
> (as in "Oxford English on the BBC")

If that's how they're defined when (assuming if) registered, but at present
nothing requires that.

> At least that's the consensus that I picked up.

I must have missed that thread.

>   ll-cc-anything for "written language tags" and

I thought that the distinctions between es-MX, es-AR, es-CO etc. were
primarily dialectal (esp. vocab), whether for audio or text data.

- Peter

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