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John Clews Scripts2 at sesame.demon.co.uk
Fri May 30 23:28:39 CEST 2003

> At 08:38 03/05/30 +0000, John Clews wrote:
> >For another thing, I dislike the fact that my browser currently sees
> >language tags, or other tags, in HTML files, and puts up a box
> >advising me to download something that I don't want to download, on
> >too many occasions already, when what I already have loaded may be
> >adequate.

Misha wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> John may be referring to the behaviour of IE, which, when it 
> detects that a page contains Han characters, puts up a dialog 
> box, asking whether the user wants to download the appropriate 
> fonts etc.

That's exactly it, on the basis of language equals, or charset equals,
in headers. And it will do it for many different language situations.

In message < at localhost>

Martin Duerst writes:

> Well, yes, but I doubt that John did that in the context of
> en, en-gb, and en-gb-oed, all of which rather rarely require
> Han characters.

Well, I wouldn't expect Han characters to be involved.

What I was getting at was: I hope that the advent of any en-gb-oed
tags in HTML files I was browsing, when the lack of en-gb-oed
handling was detected on my system, wouldn't cause lots of similar
boxes to appear, which could slow me down.

But I guess the good folks somewhere will make sure that this
possibility doesn't arise in practice, somehow.

Also, Chris Wendt <christw at microsoft.com> said:

> The IE font download is triggered by the charset label on the
> document. It is independent from any language tags, as well as
> independent from the actual characters used in the document.

Thinking about it: you're right. I also thought that the language tag
also did something similar, but perhaps I'm wrong.

If so, there's not a problem after all, as en, en-gb, and en-gb-oed
don't appear with the charset tag.

Thanks for your patience in sorting out that one.

Best regards

John Clews

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