"my browser ... puts up a box"

Chris Wendt christw at microsoft.com
Fri May 30 14:36:09 CEST 2003

The IE font download is triggered by the charset label on the document.
It is independent from any language tags, as well as independent from
the actual characters used in the document.

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Well, yes, but I doubt that John did that in the context of
en, en-gb, and en-gb-oed, all of which rather rarely require Han

Regards,    Martin.

At 20:06 03/05/30 +0100, Misha Wolf wrote:
>Hi Martin,
>John may be referring to the behaviour of IE, which, when it detects 
>that a page contains Han characters, puts up a dialog box, asking 
>whether the user wants to download the appropriate fonts etc.
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>Subject: Re: Pros and cons of adding a en-GB-oxford language tag
>At 08:38 03/05/30 +0000, John Clews wrote:
> >For another thing, I dislike the fact that my browser currently sees 
> >language tags, or other tags, in HTML files, and puts up a box 
> >advising me to download something that I don't want to download, on 
> >too many occasions already, when what I already have loaded may be 
> >adequate.
> >
> >If en-gb-oxford was added, one implication might be that I had to do 
> >this on far more HTML files that my browser looked at, slowing down 
> >all my work when looking at the web. That would be far more annoying 
> >than seeing alternative spellings (which happens with a fairly small 
> >proportion of words).
>What you describe sounds really strange. What browser, with what 
>setting, are you using? Can you describe exactly what happens, with the

>actual texts? In particular the 'puts up a box' part?
>Regards,   Martin.
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