WO's learning curve (was Re: en-GB-oxford LANGUAGE TAG REGISTRATION FORM)

Peter_Constable at sil.org Peter_Constable at sil.org
Fri May 30 14:33:10 CEST 2003

William Overington wrote on 05/30/2003 10:03:36 AM:

> Do you know, I have no idea as to what is an RFC and I have no idea where
> find it so that I could read it.  I am on a learning curve with this as
> many other matters

This list is not intended for learning about language tagging; it is
intended first for working discussions on registrations as sanctioned by
RFC 3066, and secondly for issues related to possible revisions of the RFC.
Contributors are assumed at least to be familiar with the specification,
and also have some understanding of appropriate usage for tags defined by
this specification.

> Could someone possibly say please?

Like, could you possibly say, "I'm interested in this topic, but just new
to it; could somebody please point me to relevant documents I would need to
read to get up to speed."

I'm going to be nice and give you references rather than leaving you to
find it all out on your own, like most of the rest of us had to do:

First, read the RFC:


When you're done with that, I suggest you familiarise yourself with ISO 639


with ISO 3166


and with ISO 15924


and also read the paper at


the two docs mentioned at


the paper at


the papers at


and also those portions of the XML spec that relate to use of xml:lang,


those portions of the html spec that relate to the use of the lang
attribute and the use of lang in relation to metadata,


and those portions of the HTTP spec that relate to the use of


For good measure, read up on the use of LANGIDs and LCIDs in Win32, and on
the .Net CultureInfo class in MSDN Library


and perhaps also familiarize yourself with ISO 14652 and ISO 15987 (for
what they're worth)


> However, the fact remains that, regardless of what people sat in
> have decreed in one of their documents, Oxford is a city in England and
> name is spelled with a capital letter.

Completely irrelevant. Read the RFC.

BTW, I expect you'll find there is far less tolerance for off-topic
discussion here than on the Unicode list.

- Peter

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