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So the technique of adding colo(u)r to a black and white film, is the verb:
colorize, colorise, colourize, or colourise?


Doug Ewell wrote:
> Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:
> > Although it is widely believed that en-US and en-GB differ in that
> > the former spells "color" and "civilize" and the latter spells
> > "colour" and "civilise", in fact this is not entirely the case.
> > Oxford spelling prefers the spellings "colour" and "civilize". Oxford
> > prefers -ize because this is the etymological spelling (from Greek
> > -izein).
> How does this differ from en-CA?  (This is a real question, not a
> rhetorical one implying the new tag should not be registered.)  I
> believe Canadian anglophones write "colour" and "civilize".
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