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Thu May 29 18:01:31 CEST 2003

John Cowan wrote on 05/29/2003 03:50:31 PM:

> > - For English, we need a way to indicate English written in an
> > orthography that is restricted to the ASCII subset of characters only,
> > versus the full range of possible characters (curly quotes, em-dashes,
> > etc). This is actually one of the localizations that we support.
> > "en-Latn-ASCII" -> "en-ASCII" ??
> Hmm.  This seems more problematic to me, and I'd like to hear what
> others think.

Offhand, it strikes me that this is not unlike e.g. Spanish content
localised for Argentina: it has to conform to certain linguistic
constraints on it's content; analogously, this might be appropriate for
usage contexts in which the text has to conform to certain *orthographic*

> Here are my specific comments on your excellent paper:
> ISO 639-3 (p. 4):  As I understand it, the Ethnologue codes will be
> changed so that 1-1 matches with 639-2 will use the same 3-letter code
> elements.


> Because of the
> existence of Braille, almost any language that is written at all has at
> least two writing systems.

Add phonetic transcription(s) to make that at least three.

- Peter

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