The role of country codes/Not snazzy

Jon Hanna jon at
Thu May 29 17:24:40 CEST 2003

but (in the hope
> of reaching
> people on those lists still interested in cultural diversity),

I'm very interested in cultural diversity. My primary interest however is in
code that enables cultural diversity. No doubt I would be better at
describing my concerns about the latter if I were wiser about the former,
however I have faith in the ability of intelligent people to extrapolate
from the examples I give from my limited knowledge, and am grateful to Peter
Constable's further (and better expressed) examples.

The point is not the example. Please argue for or against the point, not the

 may I say
> that en-IE is most commonly used to indicate a locale with a different
> currency, etc., to either en-US or en-UK/GB.

What on earth does currency have to do with RFC3066?

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