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Marion Gunn mgunn at
Thu May 29 16:15:26 CEST 2003

These silly threads seem to indicate too many people on these two lists are
underemployed or interested in developing smokescreens for other activities.

When a reference to using embryonic ISO 639-3 to 'legitimize' SIL's flawed
Ethnologue is let pass with no comment, but followed only by a feeding
frenzy over a logo (on unicode at and more of Jon Hanna's
mishearings of some English spoken in Ireland, plus John Cowan's pet
4-letter word (on ietf-l), one has to ask why more serious professionals do
not sign off those lists.

No disrespect to Sarasvati, who likes real debates on his unicode lists, or
to the person(s) who convene the ietf list(s), but (in the hope of reaching
people on those lists still interested in cultural diversity), may I say
that en-IE is most commonly used to indicate a locale with a different
currency, etc., to either en-US or en-UK/GB.

Scríobh John Cowan <cowan at>:
>Jon Hanna scripsit:
>> I still maintain that however, especially those examples of each
>> of those dialects that are furthest from "received" en), I can't think of a
>> single spelling difference between en-IE and en-GB,
>The vowel in "f*ck".  :-)
>John Cowan      jcowan at

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