The role of country codes.

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Thu May 29 13:59:33 CEST 2003

At 11:08 +0100 2003-05-29, Jon Hanna wrote:
>  > > For the record, I understand the points made by John Cowan and others,
>>  > and now agree that:
>>  >
>>  > (a) script should come before country in the hierarchy
>>  > (b) multi-subtag languages like "zh-hakka" and "en-boont" are
>>  > inseparable
>>  Consensus, at least rough consensus, moves one step closer.
>This would seem predicated on the assumption that country codes only
>identify orthography. I don't believe that this is so, while I have failed
>to convince that the primary differences between en-US and en-IE aren't
>spelling, I still maintain that however, especially those examples of each
>of those dialects that are furthest from "received" en), I can't think of a
>single spelling difference between en-IE and en-GB

In Ireland "medieval" seems to be preferred to "mediaeval".

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