Counting Heads

John Cowan jcowan at
Wed May 28 17:14:46 CEST 2003

Peter_Constable at scripsit:

> I don't think we need to think in terms of exception to a pattern in the
> case of zh-hakka: (of course, I could be expected to say this:) if a
> registered multi-part tag does not make any distinction related to written
> form and corresponds to an entry in the Ethnologue, it is considered to
> denote an "individual language", and the parts should not be separated when
> adding qualifiers to distinguish orthography, spelling, or vocabulary or
> other sub-language distinctions.

But what's your take on en-boont?  Does that too count as a language, even
if extinct, for the present purposes?  

It's certainly not mutually intelligible with English, and there are reports
that fluent Boont speakers "forgot" how to speak English and had to relearn it.

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