Counting Heads

Addison Phillips [wM] aphillips at
Wed May 28 13:49:30 CEST 2003

> Addison Phillips [wM] scripsit:
> > I agree, but it violates the hypothesis I'm making about subsidiary tags
> > (which, of course, could be balderdash).
> Not balderdash, just malarkey.  :-)

Yup. Non-scottish.
> > I mean, I'd guess you wouldn't have a problem with, say, en-latn-boont?
> No, I still prefer en-boont-latn.  En-boont is syntactically English, but
> lexically it's very different.  Look again at the two samples I posted
> back when en-boont was registered:
Of course Boontling we *designed* (if you can call it that) not to be
(externally) intelligible, sort of an anti-Esperanto. Sitting here nursing
my horn of zeese[*] I can see that my mental model works only if one factors
the registered tags and their subtags according to what each element
actually does.


[*] that would be 'cup of coffee' in en-US.

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