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John Cowan jcowan at
Wed May 28 14:30:28 CEST 2003

Doug Ewell scripsit:

> I suppose I should have been clearer.  Of course "1901" is not a script.
> What I meant to say was, since RFC 3066 specifies that two-letter second
> subtags are ISO 3166-1 country codes, the country code (if present)
> should always be the second subtag.  

That's not actually stated, merely that *if* a second subtag is two letters
it is always 3166-1.  There is no reason why (if other considerations
compel it) that 3166-1 tags can't appear in the third subtag or even later.
For example, if Hakka came in national variants, it would be unreasonable
to encode them as zh-TW-hakka and zh-CN-hakka; surely the natural forms
are zh-hakka-TW and zh-hakka-CN.

> I couldn't agree more that script differences are more significant than
> national usage differences or orthographic reforms.  I just didn't think
> there was unanimity that the subtags had to be ordered left-to-right by
> significance,

Well, left matching is specified in the RFC as an option, with the warning
that it may not always work: this of course primarily serves people who
prefer en-us but are willing to fall back to en and expect that to match
en-uk, and similar cases.

> especially since the order of significance isn't the same
> for every application (I'd rather read es-Latn or de-Latn than en-Arab,

So would I, but given that we agree that script is usually more significant
and that some choice needs to be made, we might as well put script left of

> But no matter what order is finally chosen, software will be written
> that supports these extended tags, and everything will be OK.  No
> buildings will collapse if the order of subtags isn't defined
> "correctly."

No, but fallbacks may be made unnecessarily more difficult, a thing important
during periods of transition (and our own period, as Adam said to Eve, is
inevitably a period of transition).

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