Here's what I have to say aboutthat?

James Seng jseng at
Wed May 28 10:11:06 CEST 2003

> James Seng told me that Singapore uses Hans, but that its use of Hans is 
> different than that used in CN. So zh-Hans doesn't work for Singapore. 
> So, how do we deal with this? And what about zh-hakka, in Hant or Hans?

Erm, let me clarify: Singapore use Simplified Chinese based on China. 
There are many similarity but there are differences.

However, the orthographic differences is more apparent to the layman the 
script differences. So for writting system, you probably dont notice a 
lot of differences between Singapore and China Simplified Chinese with a 

> Because the Tag Reviewer needs to have rules that can be applied 
> generally, and it is easy to see that zh- has been extended, and that if 
> script codes are added, there is a syntactic element which needs to be 
> addressed.

Perhaps we need to work out a rule for addition to RFC 3066 tags?

-James Seng

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