Counting Heads

Jon Hanna jon at
Wed May 28 13:44:12 CEST 2003

> That being so, since the whole idea of having sectioned tags is that
> partial left matches may be (but are not required to be) useful, script
> should come first.  The difference between de-at-1901 and de-at-1996
> is much smaller than between de-latn and de-brai.

Does German use just the one Braille encoding? English has quite a few. We
would have a need for en-brai-lit, en-brai-nemeth, en-brai-music and
en-brai-computer, along with other codes no doubt (those are just ones I've
heard of) and then combinations with countries or other dialect identifiers
(IIRC some of those codes have strong regional variations, making the
country identification of importance in understanding both script and
language, hence en-brai-lit-US etc).

Really good fun would be en-brai-lit-US-scouse (since someone writing in
en-brai-lit-US is unlikely to change script if they quote some en-scouse).

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