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John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Wed May 28 08:41:29 CEST 2003

James Seng scripsit:

> Erm, let me clarify: Singapore use Simplified Chinese based on China.
> There are many similarity but there are differences.
> However, the orthographic differences is more apparent to the layman the
> script differences. So for writting system, you probably dont notice a
> lot of differences between Singapore and China Simplified Chinese with a
> glance.

Although Chinese is not "spelled" as such, that sounds to me like
a difference analogous to the spelling difference between U.S. and
U.K. English.  Is there a problem reading documents from the People's
Republic if you have learned Singapore rules, or vice versa?

Anyhow, welcome to the IETF!

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