Additional Tag Registrations

Benson Margulies bim2003 at
Tue May 27 23:12:53 CEST 2003

>From the point of view of someone in the trenches of building and
adapting commercial systems, I would offer a few thoughts.

Having tags for major, frequently used, languages, is important. Having
a pretty system into which various other items might fit some day is not
very important. 

It seems to me that the spirit of this RFC is \not/ to call for a
coherent system. If a coherent system was desired, a committee would
have been set up to design it. And that committee would have had to deal
with the existing mass of ad-hoc tag values. The whole idea of a
registry with a referee is to accept all plausible comers and maintain
the list of who has shown up, thus bringing minimal order and
cooperation. Registries are places where consenting adults rendevous to
avoid duplication of items and collisions. 

Thus, with all due respect to the reviewer, I offer the opinion that he
should accept these registrations.

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