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Tue May 27 16:57:36 CEST 2003

At 20:37 -0700 2003-05-26, Addison Phillips [wM] wrote:

>  > My point is that we seem to be adding things that have some sort of
>>  possibly-parsible syntax, and we have no policy regarding that.
>What a load of tripe.

Well we are all annoyed with one another now, aren't we?

>EVERY tag in the registry has a "possibly parsible syntax". [...]
>Why every one of them can be parsed in some way! The tags are not 
>formless, but contain fields, each of which conveys some meaning 
>about the tag, in a hierarchical order of increasing specificity. 
>That is the point.
>Very clearly, Mark did not attempt to register the country variants 
>of the proposed tags because of previous discussion, avoiding this 
>issue, which need never be entered into in the lifetime of RFC3066.

Did he? I for one don't read minds.

>  > and we have no policy regarding that.
>Who is "we", anyway? The IETF says quite clearly that anyone who 
>joins one of its mailing lists is a member ;-).

Look, I'm in the position of having to approve some tags, and this 
was based on a discussion draft by Peter Edberg, and now in order to 
approve them it seems that "we" are supposed to be following some 
sort of policy. But there isn't one. We need one.

>If Mark doesn't get an answer when time runs out on this set of 
>proposals he ought, in my opinion, appeal to the next higher level 
>in the RFC just on general principles.

Fine. I'm not doing the best I can, in your view. I should approve 
these tags not because the questions regarding their use and 
structure are all answered, but I should do it because John Clews 
says "Do it now and deprecate later!" and because I'm being 
threatened with appeal and possibly eventual sacking.

Well I'm NOT going to approve these while the *technical* issues 
regarding syntax and possible combination with country codes exist. I 
think it is PERFECTLY REASONABLE for me to ask (at least) Peter 
Edberg, Mark Davis, Harald Alvestrand to come up with some kind of 
policy regarding this.
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