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Fri May 23 21:54:10 CEST 2003

Michael Everson wrote on 05/23/2003 04:03:56 AM:

> I am being told that I *have* to approve 
> these because I approved another one

Actually, I think you're being told you should approve most, perhaps all, 
of Mark's requests because the vast majority of contributors to the 
discussion have indicated they think these should be approved. Slog it out 
further on sr-cyrl if you want (I've no strong opinion on that one, though 
I do consider similar comments from Mark, Francois and Tex to be 
significant), but I think we can get on with the others.

> I think this is controversial, and I have insisted on knowing that 
> all the players here are satisfied with the process. I have asked 
> that you return to Peter Edberg's paper, which asked many questions, 
> and decide a firm policy on this matter and the relationship it has 
> with the RFC, the intent of tagging.

I think it's fair enough of you to ask that others engage with Peter E's 
paper; it might have been helpful, though, if that had been pushed several 
weeks ago and his paper made available to all on the list, rather than 
wait until the requester and others needing to use these began to grow 

In relation to Peter E's paper, these requests (except perhaps the 
uncertain regarding sr-Cyrl) are not affected by open issues in his paper 
(that I notice offhand) except for one: whether to insert "-w-" to 
indicate where info related just to written form begins. But there doesn't 
seem to be any significant need being expressed for what this could 

I really do empathise with your concern at getting good decisions on the 
basic architechtural issues. There may be a much greater concern, though: 
if we don't get on with solving some real problems, companies and 
consortia are going to start doing their own things. If that happens, 
we're risk running into duplication and interchange problems far worse 
than any problems associated with sr vs. sr-cyrl.

- Peter

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