Encoding scripts in tags: evil or just unpleasant?

Peter_Constable at sil.org Peter_Constable at sil.org
Fri May 23 08:54:27 CEST 2003

Michael Everson wrote on 05/22/2003 03:23:47 PM:

> I am beginning to think that it was a great mistake to encode
> yi-Latn.

> Mark, Addision, you guys go talk to Peter Constable, Peter Edberg,
> Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, John Cowan and whomever else you like.
> I'll meet Ken and Rick in Baltimore before the UTC and they can talk
> to me about consensus.

I haven't been able to follow what's been happening over the last few
weeks, but I'll offer my input here: I very much believe the general
principle of including script IDs and possibly other qualifiers to
distinguish orthographies is sound and should be pursued both in a
generative mechanism through an RFC3066bis, or in the interim through

I wouldn't be able to comment on whether the idea of including script IDs
is being abused for inappropriate purposes in any requests until I had a
chance to review what's been happening.

- Peter

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