More hunches - come on, we need better than that.

John Clews Scripts2 at
Fri May 23 09:47:03 CEST 2003

On Friday, 23 May 2003 Keld Simonsen <keld at> wrote:

> I only had problems with sr-cyrl not the rest, which I either do not
> have sufficient expertise on, or think they are OK. 
> Why not proceed with registering the ones that are in no dispute?

On Friday, 23 May 2003  Michael Everson <everson at> wrote:

> Mark, I confirm as Registrar that I want actual consensus on these
> matters from more than a couple of guys with particular
> implementation problems. I do not feel confident that conflating
> 15924 and language tags is the way to fix this, and if I did I would
> certainly register things. Talking about "appeal" is not making me
> feel any better. Go talk to Ken and Harald. I cannot see all the
> implementation ramifications about this and it feels more and more
> like an urgent quick fix for you, and that makes me feel just as
> icky. If this were a set of duplicate characters I would feel just
> the same.

I think you both need to supply worked examples of any problems that
are likely to occur.

Otherwise, all this vague talk of problems, and feelings and not
seeing all the implementation ramifications about this doesn't help
at all.

Unless there is some solid stuff from those who object (principally
Michael and Keld mainly) who have pointed out potential problems,
rather than anything more solid, I think the points made seem only
like posturing, rather than positing a technical position.

This is all giving the IANA registration process a very bad image in
a very public arena.

So the short answer is
(a) please posit some actual problems, in considerable
    technical detail, or
(b) go with these registrations.

Path (b) will make you a hero (and if there are any problems, it
won't be your fault, Michael, and it would be somebody else's job to
work out how to deal with any problems).

Path (a) - I wonder: won't that ust be a delaying problem?

In the worst case - doing neither (a) nor (b), but coming up with
feelings, hunches etc will lead to an appeal on specific codes, and
might even ultimately lead to your position as IANA Language Tag
Reviewer getting called into question.

Please go with the flow, Michael, and go with path (b).

In the terms above, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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