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In message <p05200a00bad72a543f17@[]> Michael Everson writes:
> There was certainly no Cyrillic in Baku when I was there last weekend.

Ah, scratch under the surface and you might find a lot.

The shop signs may all be in Cyrillic, and so may newspapers, but
many publications also have Latin script title pages (because they
can be largely set up once) but Cyrillic script contents (because the
print workers are only used to dealing with that, and older readers
in particular have difficulty in reading Azeri in Latin script).

Don't forget that until recently, _everything_ in Azeri was in
Cyrillic script, also that Russian is widely used among the
population, both among ethnic Russians in the population, and among
ehtnic Azeris, so there will contiue to be a demand for Cyrillic
script, even if it's less obvious on the surface.

So the combined codes az-Cyrl and az-Latn are both valid, even though
az-AZ isn't (and I don't remember it being formally requested, even
though it was discussed in geeral terms on the list some time ago).

Offered for information, on the road to a decision,

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