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Dear Michael

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> At 16:11 +0000 2003-06-20, John Clews wrote:
> >I _much_ prefer en-oed.
> >
> >It's the same level as en-scouse, and just as valid.
> I think I disagree. -oed is a variety of the kind of English marked 
> by en-GB, in specific software environments.

Ah, if it's use is in specific software environments, that may be
fair enough.

> The subsubtag modifies the subtag. Scouse is a dialect of English.

Out of interest, has en-scouse ever been used in specific software

I'd be interested to see what use has been made of it, if anybody can
provide examples.

This is not a facetious question: I don't dispute that Scouse is a
dialect of English, nor that there was a need for a tag for it.

I'd just be interested to see what use has been made of it,
once allocated.

I look forward with interest to any replies

Best wishes

John Clews

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