Addison Phillips aphillips at webmethods.com
Tue Jun 17 12:28:45 CEST 2003

I agree. I think we should avoid adding any alpha-4 tags in the interim 
while we work out exactly how to handle 15924 codes.

I also think that it would be a bad idea on another level: obfuscating 
registered tags will make them harder to use and thus less likely to be 
widely adopted.


John Cowan wrote:

>Peter_Constable at sil.org scripsit:
>>An observation: if we made it four letters, or if we followed Jon's
>>suggestion, then that would have implications for incorporating ISO 15924
>>into RFC 3066bis: it we *don't* do it, then a new RFC could potentially
>>contain a statement to the effect, "Any alpha-4 subtag is interpreted
>>according to ISO 15924." 
>I favor this position, and would be in favor of using the rule as you state
>it as a convention until RFC 3066 can be revised.
>At present we appear to have no registered tags that violate it, assuming
>that Hant and Hans are de facto ISO 15924 codes.


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