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Michael Everson wrote on 06/15/2003 07:21:44 PM:

> >Also, what happens if OED changes its preferrences over time and as the
> >language evolves?
> Oxford spelling preference has been constant since *at least* 1933.

Ten years ago, we might have been having a similar discussion regarding a
proposed tag de-duden, and the statement could have been made, "The
spelling preference has been constant since *at least* 1901."

> It is a principled etymological spelling, with regard to the suffix
> derived from the Greek -izein suffix.

A spelling principle related to one derivational suffix does not determine
all spelling conventions.

> >I am sure some of their preferences must have changed over the 3
> Prove it. :-)

Even if nothing has changed over the last three or however many editions,
that doesn't imply that changes cannot happen in the future.

- Peter

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