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William Overington wrote on 06/16/2003 06:00:32 AM:

> Well you may well be right there.  I was thinking back to the way in
> Horace Hart suggests that dates be expressed, indeed reproducing a letter
> about it from someone, which, as I remember it, contained the suggestion
> that one uses day month year...

That is definitely out of scope for language tags. As for other things you

> I remember reading years ago in the book about
> setting mathematics...  So, maybe a discussion
> of whether the tag should imply a full Oxford University Press style (as
> as possible within the limits of the technology) would be appropriate...

these are also, IMO, out of scope.

> >There has been no motion, and there will be no voting. That's not how it
> works. There is discussion, then after two weeks Michael makes a
> If you will kindly look through the posts in this thread, it was not me
> initiated the concept of votes being counted!
> However, there is the practical situation of the fact that the person who
> put forward the suggestion is also the person who is the language tag
> reviewer.  I felt that it might be easier for Michael to review a
> which he had himself made if there were a specific positive vote in
> of the suggestion from other people on the list. Hopefully, having a
> specific tag en-GB-oxford or some other tag for the desired purpose will
> a consensus decision, yet in the event of a lack of consensus or even
> controversy, such voting could possibly become an important factor.

There is no formal voting process on this list, even in the event of a lack
of consensus. (If there were, though, perhaps es-americas would have been
approved. :-)

- Peter

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