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William Overington wrote on 06/15/2003 05:02:34 AM:

> As I understand it, there is no definitive reference to English at all. 
> seem to remember reading in The Oxford English Dictionary that the
> dictionary simply records usage by people and is not setting out to say 
> should and should not be done.

That's correct.

> I think that en-INT-oed would be nice.  I would like to mention that it
> would be helpful if the definition extended not only to the Oxford 
> Dictionary itself but also to works published by the Oxford University 
> in relation to typography as well, such as Hart's guide for compositors 
> also the book on the setting of mathematics and any other similar books 
> the Oxford University Press.

We've been talking about having the tags provided by RFC 3066 being used 
to distinguish scripts/orthographies and spelling conventions for a 
language, but the tags are not used to define typographic conventions. For 
instance, a tag en-oed should not IMO dictate whether or not an em dash 
should be surrounded by a space, whether sentences are separated by one 
space or two, whether a space is written between initials (D.C. or D. C.), 

> Michael Everson was the initiator of the suggestion for en-GB-oxford and 
> I feel that it is only correct that, should there be a general agreement 
> en-INT-oed to become the registered tag, Michael be asked for his 
opinion on
> the matter before his suggestion is changed.

Of course he will give his opinion. He's the language tag reviewer.

> However, if Michael were to
> agree that the motion should be changed to become for en-INT-oed to be
> registered, then that motion would be something for which I would vote.

There has been no motion, and there will be no voting. That's not how it 
works. There is discussion, then after two weeks Michael makes a decision.

- Peter

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