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In message <p05200a0ebb02b900bc3f@[]> Michael Everson writes:

> I am sure that the ISO 3166 maintenance agency will reply indicating 
> that it would be inadvisable to do so. Ireland has a 3166 two-letter 
> code, IE, which is entirely satisfactory for the purposes assigned to 
> it, such as in internet domain names. I expect that the reason UK was 
> "reserved" was because the internet domain names were already using 
> it instead of GB, and by reserving it one potential confusion might 
> be avoided.

That was indeed exactly the reason.

> I have already noted that "baggage-handling at international 
> airports" does not constitute an implementation of EI any more than 
> it does of IE, except in the accident that the two-letter airline 
> code EI refers to Aer Lingus. It takes some expertise to know the 
> difference between a country code, a language code, and an airline 
> code, but it doesn't take very much.

The use of both EI and IE would be extremely confusing.

I would agrue against it.

Marion - it must be extremely clear to you by now that
members of this list are clearly _not_ interested in these

Why don't you just pursue them elsewhere? Or just forget them?

I - and many others - are feeling that we are wasting time on
things which are not the subject of this list.

I'm now begining to resent this additional drain on my time.

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