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Peter_Constable at scripsit:

> In the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, there is a character who
> pronounces the word spelled k-i-l-l-e-d as "revoked", and assigns to
> "revoked" the sense of 'killed'. There is a play on words here, involving
> metaphor and extension of semantic ranges. Do we want to create tags for
> metaphors, puns, etc.?

And then there are the perfectly genuine Enroughty family of Henrico County,
Virginia, who pronounce their name "Darby".

> Such things do not constitute distinct language varieties in need of tags.


> If there is a *body* of literature out there in a distinct variety
> recognised and used by a defineable community of users, then perhaps a tag
> for something like "newspeak" could be warrented, but I really think a good
> case needs to be made before it be considered.

Fair enough, with of course the proviso that the literature might be oral --
Boontling only began to be written down when it was effectively dead.

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