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Michael Everson wrote on 05/31/2003 11:17:59 AM:

> NI, of course, is the ISO 3166 country tag for Nicaragua, and UK is
> not assigned in ISO 3166.

UK is "exceptionally reserved" in ISO 3166, the meaning of which is:

 Code elements not included in the current version of ISO 3166-1 may be     
 reserved by the ISO 3166/MA,                                               
       as transitional reservations, as a consequence of changes in the     
       standard. Code elements of this category may be used only during a   
       transitional period while new code elements that may have replaced   
       them are taken into use;                                             
       as indeterminate reservations, if justified by their presence in     
       other coding systems associated with ISO 3166-1 and where their      
       reservation may facilitate the use of the system concerned. Any use  
       outside such systems is prohibited and such code elements are        
       expected eventually to be either eliminated or replaced by code      
       elements in ISO 3166-1;                                              
       as exceptional reservations, at the request of national ISO member   
       bodies, governments and international organizations. This applies to 
       certain code elements required in order to support a particular      
       application, as specified by the requesting body and limited to such 
       use; any further use of such code elements is subject to approval by 
       the ISO 3166/MA.                                                     


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