New item in ISO 639: Haitian

Sean M. Burke sburke at
Wed Feb 26 17:38:57 CET 2003

At 2/26/2003 11:56 AM +0100, Håvard Hjulstad wrote:
>The ISO 639 Registration Authorities' Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) has
>approved the following:
>Alpha-2 identifier:  ht
>Alpha-3 identifier:  hat
>English name:  Haitian; Haitian Creole
>French name:  haïtien; creole haïtien
>Indigenous name:  Kreyòl; Kreyòl Ayisyen

I totally take back what I said years ago about ISO language-tag 
registration requiring "a midnight seance with six-fingered Swissmen, 
during a lunar eclipse, on Easter Island, and a check for 2i+3 piastres 
(drawn on a Maltese account), endorsed, in dragon blood, by two unrelated 
Lovecraftian gods".

Sean M. Burke  sburke at

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