hierarchy in language tags

Jo Wilkes jwilkes at metabit.com
Wed Feb 12 14:19:51 CET 2003

> IIRC this was stated when I suggested changing the en-scouse registration to en-GB-scouse.
> Michael Everson:
> "I don't know if this kind of hierarchical thing is really what language tagging is for."
> Martin Duerst:
> "The hierarchy of language tags is a feature that can be used, not a feature that must be used."
> I seem to remember a similar point being made in another thread, but I may
> be pretty much hallucinating that one.

I think you are not hallucinating. 

IIRC, the hierarchical aspect - and its ordering - surfaced also in the thread about de-
DE-1901 / de-DE-1996 et al. 
(Archive: http://eikenes.alvestrand.no/pipermail/ietf-languages/2002-April/ )


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