hierarchy in language tags

Jon Hanna jon at spin.ie
Wed Feb 12 11:32:07 CET 2003

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> Subject: hierarchy in language tags
> As I was looking over old messages, I saw Jon Hanna writing, on
> at 10:54 AM
> 2002-12-06 +0000:
> >[...]In particular recognising Old Irish in Ogham as a form of Old Irish
> >would require guesswork on the part of a system built currently
> (guesswork
> >based on treating language tags as hierarchical, which previous
> threads have
> >shown to be ill-advised).
> Can you point to where that was shown to be ill-advised?

IIRC this was stated when I suggested changing the en-scouse registration to
Michael Everson:
"I don't know if this kind of hierarchical thing is really what
language tagging is for."

Martin Duerst:
"The hierarchy of language tags is a feature that can be used,
not a feature that must be used."

I seem to remember a similar point being made in another thread, but I may
be pretty much hallucinating that one.

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