beware of the hare

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Feb 6 14:53:14 CET 2003

John Clews scripsit:

> Re: Beware of the dog - having started this hare (or this thread, or
> hare of the dog?) I'd like to suggest that any further discussion
> (particularly insults) are take offline, if at all.

Fair enough.

> It was interesting while it lasted, and I learned several things I
> didn't know previously, including the fact that I don't know Latin
> properly (Cave Canum indeed!)

Lewis & Short says that "canus" is a poetic adjective meaning "white, hoary,

John Cowan  jcowan at
Dievas dave dantis; Dievas duos duonos          --Lithuanian proverb
Deus dedit dentes; deus dabit panem             --Latin version thereof
Deity donated dentition;
  deity'll donate doughnuts                     --English version by Muke Tever
God gave gums; God'll give granary              --Version by Mat McVeagh

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