Suggestion: Tag or Sub- tag for Scientific names

Tex Texin tex at
Sun Feb 2 21:10:30 CET 2003

Doug, apparently, these are actual scientific names.
I googgled for heerz lookenatcha and  found several pages confirming them.
Apparently years of looking at tiny bugs to categorize them, affects your
sense of humor.
agra vation is a legit species....


Doug Ewell wrote:
> The original request, for a tag distinct from "la" to denote scientific
> names such as "Linnaea borealis," at least seemed to have underpinnings
> of reason behind it.
> "Ba humbugi," "Abra cadabra," and "Agra vation" are just word games --
> not even very creative ones at that -- and requesting a language tag for
> them destroys any credibility the original proposal might have had.
> -Doug Ewell
>  Fullerton, California
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