RFC3066 bis: use of ISO 639-1

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Tue Dec 9 08:28:01 CET 2003

Harald Tveit Alvestrand scripsit:

> >That's a good idea, and would render it even more stable in the face of
> >'potential' mistakes by the other organization. The question is when we
> >should do the same for the country codes, for which there is not even a
> >publicly available list.
> what?????
> The ISO 3166 list of country codes has been publicly available for MANY 
> years.

Mark is talking about the 3-letter ISO 3166 codes, which are indeed not
available at the official MA site.  But the 3-digit codes, which come from
UNSD, are available from both agencies and are change-controlled by UNSD,
which has a history of stability and no axes to grind.

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