Proposed revision of RFC3066: PDF is on IETF site...

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Tue Dec 9 08:12:52 CET 2003

Hi Harald,

I have just about finished transmogrifying the original into XML. The document is lovely in both text and HTML formats. I will submit a -02 draft as soon as I finish and Mark and I have had a chance to compare notes on the revisions to include, etc.

In that version there will certainly be a section calling out the changes from RFC3066 plus mildly updated ABNF and some minor document cleanup.

I hope that helps.


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> > This is much easier to read than the text version. It does not contain
> > any revisions suggested since the posting of the text version of -01 of
> > course.
> ..... and in a great testament to interoperability and format stability, 
> the document can only be read in Acrobat 5.0, not Acrobat 4.0.....
> (for an explanation of why I'm running Acrobat 4.0 by default, consult 
> Cisco IT.... ie "no answer available"....)

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