Langtags Internet-Draft v-01 now online...

Paul Hoffman / IMC phoffman at
Sun Dec 7 05:12:57 CET 2003

I have tried to follow this without knowing much about the various 
politics. With the traffic the past few days, I am sure that I am 

At 5:24 PM -0800 11/19/03, Addison Phillips [wM] wrote:
>Thanks for the pointer! My ASCII-making tool is just junk. The PDF is much
>easier to read, but didn't emerge from IETF for some reason (any pointers

Many of us rely on the ASCII to be able to make comparisons. Please, 
please: don't publish cruddy text files and assume that people will 
make do with the PDF.

>Mark and I are drafting a list of changes from RFC3066 for the next draft.
>I'll also include an index in that version.

I, for one, cannot follow what is going on in this document without 
such a list. I'm not just being lazy here: there appear to be 
significant protocol changes that I can't pick apart in the text.

On an unrelated note, the thread about ISO 639-[3-6] makes me very 
cautious about this proposal. I agree with the desire not to allow 
IANA to be an end-run around the ISO process. However, it now sounds 
like the ISO process has become much more chaotic and nearly 
impossible to follow.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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