The ISO 3166 code CS

John Cowan jcowan at
Tue Aug 5 13:17:46 CEST 2003

Addison Phillips [wM] scripsit:

> The implication is that 'cz-CS' (an old code) and 'sr-CS' (a new code) 
> apply to different countries. As a result, implementations that parse 
> the language and country apart for reference purposes have to apply 
> special rules to each of the values cited: the code means something else 
> depending on the context in which you are viewing it. 

This is already true.  For example, en-us entails a certain orthography,
whereas es-us (equally legitimate) does not.

> Does "en-CS" mean "English for Serbia and Montenegro" or "English for 
> Czechoslovakia"?

Neither of these tags, fortunately, is of practical significance as a language
tag.  (They may perhaps have some use as locales, but that's out of scope

We can survive this change.  We may not be able to survive the next one.

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