The ISO 3166 code CS

Jon Hanna jon at
Tue Aug 5 17:46:07 CEST 2003

> Much to my surprise, Serbia and Montenegro requested the use of this
> for Serbia and Montenegro while they still use the code YU, and there
> is no indication that YU is deprecated, or that it will be added to
> ISO 3166-3.

Apparently (from an unofficial list) YU has been deprecated and a 3166-3
entry of YUCS has been made as appropriate.

> More to my surprise, the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (maintained
> within ISO HQ itself, in Switzerland) granted this request, and
> apparently did not refer to ISO 3166-3 (superseded codes).

The only thing in 3166-3 that I can think of as an objection to this would
be the five year rule which expired on 1998. If there was still evidence of
CS being heavily used then objections could be made. Do you have evidence of

> 1. What implications are there for the consistent use of YU, CS,
>    CZ and SK in relation to RFC 3066 and other codes which also use
>    ISO 3166 normatively?

That is a very good question.

> 2. Is there any actions or representations that should be undertaken?

I think we need to examine our use of 3166. I don't thing representations
are appropriate, unless evidence of heavy use of CS in a context where
confusion is likely can be found.

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