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While I share Mark's alarm and concern about the reassignment of CS 
after only a very short interval, I can see why total stability may not 
be easy to achieve.

There are not quite 700 possible codes. While that is larger than the 
total number of countries, countries change name/border/status often 
enough and their meaningful names are not randomly distributed enough to 
have long term stability. Permanent lockout of code reuse will require 
something other than ISO3166 alpha-2.

The interval on CS, though, was not nearly long enough. If 
Czechoslovakia were some antique of a bygone age it would be different. 
No one, I suspect, would object to a code for the "Austro-Hungarian 
Empire" being reassigned some other use. Somewhere between five years 
and ninety years lies a more reasonable boundary. I would tentatively 
suggest 20 years.

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Mark Davis wrote:
> Yes. If they move quickly, they can avoid the damage.
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