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Peter_Constable at scripsit:

> I'm concerned about ambiguity, not vagueness. I agree that vagueness is 
> something we allow for. But, suppose at some point in time "Azerbaijani" 
> becomes an official language of more than one state, but that there are 
> differences in these two states (dialectal, or perhaps one uses Latin and 
> the other Cyrillic or Arabic). Or, suppose that official use in a given 
> state changes suddenly, e.g. a wholesale abandonment of Latin for 
> Armenian. In such situations, "official current use" would become 
> ambiguous -- it would mean *different* things according to different 
> contexts. 

Oh, I see.  You mean if "current" is late-bound, so that its denotation depends
on what is current at the time of use, rather than now.  Yes, I agree that
that is bad, of course.

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