What a Locale is.... (Re: [Fwd]: Response to Mark's message])

Jon Hanna jon at spin.ie
Tue Apr 15 15:41:36 CEST 2003

> > Implicit in my argument though is
> > the notion that zh-Hant-HK is not a suitable value for accept-language,
> but
> > rather for a more inclusive header that may eventually replace
> > accept-language, but for now should be able to co-exist.
> You're assuming that we can create a model involving new metadata
> categories, and get support for these incorporated into various systems,
> such as the HTTP protocol and HTTP servers. But wasn't that already
> discussed in this thread, with the conclusion that the likelihood of
> success in that was very low? (I seem to recall that comment being made,
> but perhaps I'm mistaken. I guess I could review the archive to find
> out...)

Changing the meaning of current headers in a manner that isn't completely
backwards-compatible would have an even greater need for rapid adoption.

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