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Mon Apr 14 23:24:09 CEST 2003

Addison Phillips wrote on 04/14/2003 07:50:03 PM:

> The problem is that existing generative rules allow for th-TH, I believe.

Yes, they do. So, this and others like it don't need to be registered to
use them. But, I'm suggesting we might explicitly register them anyway,
*if* they are used in legacy systems with some distinctive meaning, and
*if* we want to provide some kind of backward compatibility with some
legacy locale stuff (and *if* the given case isn't handled by some other
"mapping" mechanism -- see below) -- we register them and document exactly
why they might ever be used, because on the surface they certainly look
like they'd be unnecessary (as, except for the legacy usage, they would

> > You want us to have RFC3066(bis) tags to distinguish character set
> > encodings?
> Oh heavens no! By no means is that what I meant.

Phew! Glad to hear that. But, in that case, I must have missed your point
regarding ja_JP and sv_SE -- you need the longer forms to get UTF-8, but
what's the bearing on our current discussion? (Perhaps the answer is
partially in your following text.)

> The point is that calling setlocale with "ja.UTF8" doesn't work. I can
> generate the appropriate Unicode-encoded locale on some systems only by
> filling out the region tag. That's my point. Any not a hypothetical one.
> have a small C program that does collation and it tries hard to convert
> HTTP requested language into a UTF-8 locale for LC_COLLATE. This works
> reliably if I have a full language tag. Again, this is possibly a mapping
> problem.

So, let me see if I understand where you're going. Depending on what we
have in mind by "mappings", perhaps systems don't need to use RFC3066(bis)
tags like th-TH, but we define mappings specific to various host
implementation environments that tell us things like "for Solaris 2.8, if
language = 'th' and desired encoding is UTF-8, substitute 'th-TH'".

- Peter

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