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Fri Apr 11 22:15:10 CEST 2003

At 16:15 -0400 2003-04-11, John Cowan wrote:
>Roozbeh Pournader scripsit:
>>  I live in Iran and consider myself an expert in these. I've never heard
>>  about Iranian Azeri written in Cyrillic or Latin. But Azerbaijani Azeri
>>  has been written in Arabic historically.
>And are the language varieties distinguishable when written in the Arabic
>If so, it sounds like the useful tags to register are az-latn, 
>az-cyrl, az-arab,
>az-arab-az, and az-arab-ir.

The Language Tag Review will NOT encode things that are decided upon 
by "if so"s and "sounds like useful". 639 has criteria, SIL has 
criteria, and 3066 has criteria. Linguistic reality, friends, and 
colleagues. Please. Not "potentially useful" or "logically possible" 
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