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At 17:02 -0700 2003-04-10, Mark Davis wrote:
>Please refrain from jumping to conclusions, and *SHOUTING*.

It was only one word. I capitalize more than one word when I shout.

>  > >  > An even more general concern: Is there anything in az-latn-az that
>>  >>  is different from az-latn (and same for Cyrillic)? In other words,
>>  >>  do we need az-latn-az (and similar for uz and sp) at all?
>1. ICU would like to use RFC-3066 codes to distinguish languages.

Grand so.

>2. There are major systems that distinguish written languages on the above
>basis (with the country code for orthographies), systems that ICU must
>interwork with.

Is there a distinction between az-Latn and az-Latn-AZ? If so, what is 
it? If not, then only one tag is required in the language-tag 
registry, surely.

>3. For ICU to be able to do (1), the RFC-3066 codes have to be able to also
>distinguish the languages in (2).
>4. Using the country code to distinguish orthographies is *not* a new
>concept; RFC-3066 permits that with *any* combination of ISO 639 code.
>5. Why should the Azeri with Latin script be permitted fewer distinctions
>than English or other languages?

You have not shown a distinction between az-Latn and az-Latn-AZ.

>(And don't get me started about the ISO TR 14652 or ISO/IEC 15897
>repository; you know my opinion of the quality of that data.)

Likely rather similiar to my own opinion.
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